Pick It Up – Toss No Mas Announces New Business Pledge Program

Pick It Up-Toss No Mas invites Silver City business owners to help us keep Silver City clean and beautiful by participating in the Pick It Up-Toss No Mas Business Pledge Program. The program’s aim is to prevent litter in Silver City, build community pride, and turn our town into a much cleaner place for everyone to enjoy. 

Local businesses have the power to educate their employees and community members about the importance of proper disposal of trash, collection of recyclables, and litter prevention. Cleaner streets, storefronts, sidewalks, and public rights of way create a healthy and beautiful community for residents and visitors alike. 

Businesses who take the pledge commit to keeping areas around their businesses clean and litter free by providing adequate trash receptacles and recycling bins, educating employees about the importance of proper disposal and recycling of solid waste, and promoting the litter prevention goals of the program.

Participants will receive a business pledge sticker they can prominently display on their storefront door, window, or other visible location. The program provides promotional materials, a checklist to help guide businesses in fulfilling their pledge, and free litter prevention consultation services and supplies. Participating businesses will be recognized on the new Pick It Up -Toss No Mas website and in newspaper ads and radio spots. Annual awards will also be given to thank businesses for their commitment to the program.

For more information or to sign up to take the pledge, visit  www.silvercitytossnomas.org  

 or contact Candice Baca, Program Coordinator, at 575-538-8078, or via email at pickituptossnomas@gmail.com.