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Proper disposal of solid waste will help keep Silver City clean and beautiful.

Please do your part to put litter in its place by following these tips:

  • Don’t litter! Place fast food wrapping, drink containers, napkins and other papers in a Town trash receptacle if you are on the street or in a park or dispose of trash properly at home.
  • Don’t throw trash out your window. Keep a mini trash container in your car and dispose of trash when you arrive at your destination. Don’t have a car trash container? Pick one up for free from Pick It Up – Toss No Mas, courtesy of  NM Dept of Transportation Toss No Mas program.
  • Close lids of trash receptacles and tie garbage bags at your home or business to prevent trash from spilling or blowing out onto streets, public rights of way and waterways.
  • Properly dispose of large bulky items by bringing them to the landfill. Silver City residents are eligible to drop off for free 1 ton/month at the main landfill. 
  • Cover and secure your load to keep materials from falling off your vehicle or blowing onto roadways. If you show up at the Main Landfill without a covered/secure load, you will be fined $5. 
  • Keep household hazardous waste out of our environment by dropping off paints, household hazardous chemicals, and CFL light bulbs at the landfill. 
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Remember to leave no trace and pack out all of your trash when hiking along Silver City’s trails or visiting the Gila National Forest. Let’s keep our natural areas free from litter so they are clean and beautiful for others to enjoy and don’t pose a danger to wildlife.
  • Reduce, ReUse, Recycle! Follow the three R’s to keep waste out of the landfill and conserve our natural resources. Reduce your consumption and throw out less waste material. Reuse items by shopping at thrift stores while at the same time dropping off your gently-used items you don’t want anymore. The Southwest Solid Waste Authority and Silver City Recycles offer recycling for a range of materials. See the resources below.